• Personal identity theft and information-based fraud are the fastest growing crimes in the United States today.
  • These crimes exceed $53 billion per year in the U.S. alone – and over $250 billion worldwide.
  • Dumpster diving is the #1 source for personal identity information.

Everyone has a legal right to expect anyone collecting confidential information to protect it, and Federal law now mandates that companies provide adequate security measures to appropriately protect personal identification and privacy of employees and the consumers they serve – including while shredding it.

DeCycleIt! Secure Disposal and Recycling provides superior shredding and recycling security, assuring that your confidential information will be securely destroyed. DeCycleIt! does this by meeting all Federal and NAID standards for secure document destruction – and even goes beyond their requirements to provide the highest level of security available by shredding your sensitive documents 50% smaller than industry requirements!

DeCycleIt!’s trained team is proactive in understanding our customers’ needs, follows all operational and security procedures, never leaves material unattended, and knows where all containers, bales, and trucks are at all times, with complete documentation and signature verification regarding time of shredding, time of shipment, and receipt at the recycling facility.

And DeCycleIt! delivers Secure Disposal and Recycling services with both social consciousness and environmental benefits! From your offices to the recycling facility, your organization can proactively participate in a uniquely positive social, environmental, and business mission with DeCycleIt!.

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