Q:  Why should I care where my paper goes? I put it in the bin and it’s gone.

A:  You should care because identity thieves can now reassemble shredded documents if they can get their hands on all the pieces. DeCycleIt! commingles your documents before shredding so that an entire document is hard to find. We track both the secure bins and the bales of shredded paper (1,000 – 1,200 lbs of paper) so thieves cannot access your information.

Q:  Shredding is shredding – why are you different?

A:  DeCycleIt! shreds documents to a size 50% smaller than the IRS standard, making reassembly difficult. We service your account by bringing only locked bins in and out of your facility, our trucks are GPS tracked and monitored, our facility is 24/7 camera and security monitored in a lock down mode, and we ensure that the shredded material is kept under high security at all times.

Q:  We use a mobile shredder because we can watch it being destroyed – why should we trust it to leave our premises?

A:  Very few parking lots have the security of DeCycleIt!’s shredding and disposal facility – which includes a 12-foot-high chain link fence, controlled access, and 24/7 high-definition security monitoring with restricted access. When a mobile shredder operates, its noise signals that shredding is happening, alerting potential thieves. It’s like an armored truck parked in your company’s parking lot while the driver counts your money inside, instead of moving to a secure facility to process it.

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