Office Shredding Risks

Proper document destruction isn’t the occasionally used office shredder or dropping documents into a recycling bin. Both options come with inherent risks. In addition, secure document destruction is not a task usually listed as part of any employee’s core job responsibilities.

Office Shredder Risks
Not all sensitive documents in an office environment may be shredded, and shredded materials in trash cans easily tell a thief what to take. Materials from office shredders also can be reconstructed using electronic services that scan shreds for the purpose of reconstructing documents.

Office Recycling Risks
Recycling bins also leave sensitive information exposed to scrutiny and theft, especially if the recycled material is sent overseas in unshredded bales. There is no guarantee that the information is truly destroyed.

Employee Time
Using DeCycleIt! for your secure disposal and recycling allows your employees to be more productive by focusing on their core responsibilities instead of overburdening senior staff with shredding or disposal duties for highly confidential documents or media that entry level employees are not allowed to handle.

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