What to Shred

What information must be protected?

Any personal information covered by HIPPA and FACTA – the new federal law “designed to reduce the risk of consumer fraud and identity theft created by the improper disposal of consumer information.” According to FACTA’s disposal rule, “any person who maintains or otherwise possesses consumer information for a business purpose must properly destroy discarded consumer information by taking reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to or use of the information in connection with its disposal.”

Reasonable measures are defined in FACTA as “burning, pulverizing, or shredding of papers containing consumer information” or entering into “a contract with another party engaged in the business of record destruction to dispose of material, specifically identified as consumer information, in a manner consistent with this rule.”

All unnecessary or out-of-date documents containing names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or mail or e-mail addresses should be shredded to prevent identity theft!

This applies to your own company’s data or employee data as well as that of your customers.

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